The Skies are Consolidating and Re-Routing, will there be availability?

There have been many published articles and news broadcasts concerning the rising costs of fuel and its over-all impact on our daily lives.

It is not my belief that Chicken Little is having a field day running around stating “I told you so, the sky is falling”. But I would like to refer to a quote by President Harry S Truman: “Actions are the seed of fate deeds grow into destiny.” and one from Sir Winston Churchill: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

What am I talking about? The many creative changes that are taking place within the travel industry. We— the traveling public — will have to make some adjustments.

As we see the, Airline industry has already begun to impose additional fees, and some are rather creative. Yet, the airline industry still plays a vital role in a global sense. They not only provide transportation of passengers, they also transport important and needed cargo.

This is already affecting us all, flights are being cut and routes are being eliminated It is causing additional frustrations, due to the added fees, and inconvenience. Consequently this is a time when planning and preparing for a trip will become more important.

As the Airline industry continues to consolidate and downsize, those airline seats and availability will be in higher demand. It is my experience that when planning a trip, at least 8 months future date will need to be looked at a bit more closely.

Another expression may come back into favor: “The early bird catches the worm”. While last-minute “deals” might still exist, the choices will be far more restricted.

My particular concern in this post is for those “Leisure Travelers” that may plan around their school children’s calendar.

The earlier you can decide and make the commitment, the possible less aggravation you may encounter. Keep in mind that the teachers, and other without children are also planning their trips.

Try to plan and make the proper arrangements as far out as possible, because the ranges of choices can open up for you. You will not necessarily be stuck with a departure time that you are not generally prepared for. You may not get stuck with a connecting flight, if non-stop are available.

You may get the Cruise Cabin of choice and or the section of the Hotel of choice, if you are concerned about such things.

There was a time when there were “peek” travel periods. They still do exist, but we’re living in a global era now, and global travel. This is something you should also take into consideration.

Maybe it is a bit more difficult to have a family gathering at one at one particular family location. Maybe it’s time to think outside of the box and have the family discuss maybe taking a vacation together at a mutually agreed upon location, a particular Hotel or a Cruise .

There are generally, some cost savings when traveling as group, or participating as a group. As an example, we generally celebrate Thanksgiving in my home, but one year I decided to make things easier. We all went to a chosen restaurant in New York City, and we even went as far to reserve a hotel room, where we could all meet and watch the parade from the Hotel room “where it is was warm”.

Basically I like to look at issues as a glass ½ full. I therefore reflect upon the positive quotes, and plan as far in advance as possible, with the understanding that there maybe some glitches, but hopefully they will be minor, because all of the basic groundwork and foundation has already been prepared.


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