Historical Events for July 09

1357 – Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor assists laying the foundation stone of Charles Bridge in Prague.
1536 – French navigator Jacques Cartier returns to Saint-Malo from Canada
1780 – Denmark declares neutrality
1789 – In Versailles, the National Assembly reconstitutes itself as the National Constituent Assembly and begins preparations for a French constitution.
1816 – Argentina declares independence from Spain
1868 -.The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution ratified guaranteeing African Americans full citizenship and all persons in the United States due process of law.
1872 – Doughnut cutter patents by John Blondel, Thomaston, Me
1893 – Dr Daniel Hale Williams performs 1st successful open heart surgery without anesthesia
1900 – Australia accepts its constitution
1910 – Walter Brookins becomes 1st to pilot an airplane to 1 mile altitude
1942 – Holocaust: Anne Frank’s family goes into hiding in an attic above her father’s office in an Amsterdam warehouse.
1953 – 1st helicopter passenger service (NYC)
1986 The New Zealand Parliament passes the Homosexual Law Reform Act legalising homosexuality in New Zealand.
1988 – Jessye Norman begins recording Bizets “Carmen”
1991 – South Africa readmitted to Olympics


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