What Are The Reasons To Take A Vacation?

I find this question, as well as TV programs about the “top beaches, or top destinations or top whatever” interesting. I always wonder about such categories. When I am asked such a question, I generally respond with a question: Well, what do you mean? Personally, I choose my destinations by the season in a particular destination, my mood, the over-all costs, and finally, what do I really want to come away with after the vacation? Better yet, what’s the experience I hope to fulfill?

I heard two separate conversations recently: horrific personal experiences that were finally being dealt with in one situation and struggling with the after affects in the other.

To top off my week, I watched the Bill Moyer’s News Journal, which aired on PBS on July 18th, 2008. His guest speaker was journalist William Greider and the topic was “Facing Economic Troubles.” Considering the amount of bad news in this regard that I heard this week, the volume of requests that I’ve received to assist in planning future vacations surprised me.

One of the major reasons for me to take a vacation is to physically remove myself from my location in order to relieve whatever stress I feel at a particular period of time. But taking a vacation is not always immediately practical. My favorite form of immediate release from a situation is to read a book. I love to hold a good hardcover book and allow the written words to engulf my imagination and lead me to areas that I can explore along with the author. Several books I have read have inspired me to revisit certain destinations, even though I had felt that I had already had enough of them. I do try to keep my personal enjoyments as simple as possible. Recently I watched two different pairs of nesting birds raise their young and watched them grow and fly away to their new lives.

Stress is certainly one very valid reason to take a vacation. As I mentioned it could be a book, or a long weekend away from the situation at hand that brings relief.

There can be so many reasons to take a vacation such as:

Re-connecting with friends and families, since many live great distances away from one another.

Continuing education trips to destinations that you would love to learn more about. But that can be a wide-open field of your own personal desires; it could be within the Arts, History, Nature, Foods, Wines and Beverages.

Adventure or fulfilling that travel dream, depending upon your definition. One of my fantasy travels I am sure, was based upon the movie “Lawrence of Arabia.” I do love the many kinds of deserts. I finally found a 5-day camel trek in Northern India and I went for it. In as much as it was an incredible trip and experience, I did learn that “just maybe” going thru the labor pains of childbirth would have been a whole lot easier to experience. Then to top it off, during the course of this trip, my travel partner and I bump into a couple that we had met on an earlier trip to China. So much for the Greta Garbo expression: “I want to be alone.”

Sheer Indulgence: So you didn’t get the job promotion, your big project is at a stalemate, or the big deal fell through.  Only you know what would make you happy, so go for it. Give yourself a break, and step back from the situation and give yourself a present. Why wait?

Considering what is going on in the world regarding the financial side of many peoples lives, it’s important now more than ever to make to plans ahead of time, or at least start thinking about making a plan, as I mentioned in a previous post.

Deciding and planning a vacation can in itself be stressful because of the number of options that do come into play. But here lies the benefits of long term planning, it provides you with a goal. The downside of this is that, unfortunately the trip does end, and sometimes seemingly too quickly. The over-all benefit is that you are able to “check one more thing off your to-do list.”


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