Granted Right to Marry in Some States

For the first time after centuries of denial, a few states have granted members of the Gay and Lesbian Community the same civil rights to unite in matrimony enjoyed by heterosexuals. Although California and Massachusetts will hold statewide elections to have voters affirm their same-sex marriage laws, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont are holding fast to their decisions regarding the Civil Union law. However, the time is fast approaching when other states will join them to offer our entire community the rights to full marriage equality. I dearly hope that my home State of New York will be among the first to join the ranks.

Two great pioneers are (looking over my shoulder) as I write this article, my Great, Great Aunt Dr. Marie Equi and Mr. Bayard Rustin. Both pioneers in their respective fields, my Lesbian, Aunt was one of the first female medical doctors in the United States around the early 1900’s. Mr.Bayard Rustin an Afro-American Homosexual, and Mr A. Philip Randoph were major forces in organizing the historical, “March on Washington” in 1963. During their lifetime, Dr. Equi and Mr. Rustin struggled for equality. They played important roles in the building of the foundation for the Civil Rights movement that continues into the current movement for, “The Right for same Sex Marriage”. I’m sure they dared to dream of the day when their personal relationships would be legally sanctioned.

I proudly subscribe to the stand taken by the GLBT community to support those states and organizations that support our community. This tactic proved effective in the 1960’s when members of the Civil Rights movement boycotted services that were not supportive and rewarded those that did. While we note a little change by some corporations extending health benefits to our partners and growth in providing advertising dollars to our news outlets and publications, there remains much more to be done.

With “support” in mind, I call your attention to a global travel firm, Travel Impressions. Located in Farmingdale, NY, with an office in Bethlehem, Pa, Travel Impressions is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Express. Since its founding in 1974, Travel Impressions has taken approximately six million travelers on vacations to Mexico, Islands in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, the Islands of Tahiti and Hawaii, Canada, and the continental United States. Its newest destinations are Dubai, Croatia and South Africa. Today, Travel Impressions provides leisure vacation packages to 150 destinations and more than 1,800 resorts and hotels worldwide, departing from cities nationwide. Under the stewardship of Mr. Keith Hickman, Director of New Programs,, this on-going project has increased the number of destinations, hotel properties, and continues to grow. Each destination or hotel has to prove its commitment to the LGBTQ community. Although an exhaustive procedure, the results have proven positive.

For you the traveler, the couple, the honeymooner, all has been done to insure that you have a comfortable holiday. Travel Impressions offers a wide range of product lines to include an array of budgets. Regardless of your budget, you will find value in all of their programs.

In closing, I would like to wish all of you newly “Civil Unionized”, “Married” or those of you who are in the planning stage, a wonderful long-time relationship with your partner or soon to be partner. To all of you, my deepest best wishes.



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