Historical Events August 19th

0043BC– Octavian, later known as Augustus, compels the senate to elect him Consul.
1399 – King Richard II of England surrenders to his cousin Henry
1561 – An 18-year-old Mary Queen of Scots returns to Scotland, after spending 13 years in France.
1692 – 5 women executed for witchcraft in Salem Mass
1768 – Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is founded in Saint Petersburg, Russia.787 W Herschel discovers Enceladus, a moon of Saturn
1791 – Benjamin Banneker published his 1st Almanac
1839 – Presentation of Jacque Daguerre’s new photographic process to the French Academy of Sciences
1849 – NY Herald reports gold discovery in California
1888 – 1st beauty contest (Spa, Belgium), 18 yr old West Indian wins
1897 – 1st electric taxi’s drive in London
1909 – 1st race at the Indianapolis 500 Speedway
1919 – Irving Berlin‘s musical “Yip Yip Yaphank,” premieres in NYC
1934 – The first All-American Soap Box Derby is held in Dayton, Ohio.
1967 – Beatles‘ “All You Need is Love,” single goes #1
1990 – Leonard Bernstein conducts his final concert, ending with Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7.
1993- Mattel and Fisher Price toys merge


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