American Airlines To Reconsider Non-Refundable Ticketing Rules

American Airlines begins to reconsider and change its Policy regarding Non-Refundable Airline Ticketing Rules.

Several weeks ago, American Airlines instituted rather strict policies regarding certain airfare.

*Ticketing Requirement For Refundable Fares
Effective immediately, American Airlines has rolled back its change to Domestic refundable fares which was issued on July 21st. As a result, most Domestic refundable fares will once again no longer have a ticketing requirement. Some refundable fares, including deeply discounted fares and those with advance purchase requirements will still have ticketing requirements as before. Please advise to check the detailed fare rules carefully when booking.

The bottom line is: That this is great news, especially for the Corporate Traveler, but as this announcement says, this new rule applies to “some refundable airfares”.

This is a step in my opinion the correct direction, but you still must be very diligent, and understand the rules and restrictions of the airline ticket you plan to purchase.

* News release our office received via email from American Airlines Thursday August 28th, 2008


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