Autumn Enters a Section of New York City

A Shorter Article to finalize the Autumn series of 7

I do apologize for not completing an over-all post about Autumn, but unfortunately “Jack Frost” has already made his appearance here in CT.

I would like to dedicate this article to two dear friends of mine, Dorianne and Jason.

We are approaching Jason’s favorite holiday, and they were married just about one year ago. To make this period of time even more joyful, Dori is expecting her first child.

You may ask yourself “What could possibly be Jason’s favorite holiday that he would want his wedding to arranged around”. You guessed it, it’s Halloween, and all the guests were required to wear a mask.

Halloween’s origins date back to the ancient Celtic Civilization about 2000 years ago when the name of the festival was called of Samhain (pronounced sow-in)

As in many parts of the world, preparations are being made for this grand event. Children and their parents are preparing for the costumes, parties and parades. The pumpkins are carved and artistically on display, some are incredibly imaginative. The preparations on the “right costume” are in full gear. It’s a joyful event and I have fond childhood memories of running from one door to another gathering all the goodies as the allotted “time permitted”.

In New York City, where I was born and raised, the 35th Anniversary of the New York Village Parade will be taking place on October 31st. The theme for this year’s parade is “Ghosts”. As we are all aware, these Ghosts can be as sweet as “Casper the Friendly Ghost”, or as nasty as anyone’s worst nightmare. There used to be a place we would go during my teenage years in Upstate New York. It was an abandoned mansion; and of course rumor had it that the place was haunted. Since I was born and raised in New York City, okay I will admit it, we are a stubborn crowd. My friends and I thought it out and dared each other to spend the night in this place. We all lost the bet, and whatever was present in that house, it was made perfectly clear to us that we were not welcomed, and we ran.

But returning to the 35th Anniversary Halloween Parade, it is attended by well over 2 million spectators that begin to line up on Spring Street in the So-Ho Section of NY and then the parade goes straight up 6th Avenue to end at 21st Street, in the Citys Chelsea neighborhood. If you would like to be a spectator of the parade, plan to find a viewing spot by 6:30 PM. The parade generally takes about 2 hours to finally complete.

Nearly 50,000 people participate in the annual Halloween Parade, including costumed marchers, puppeteers, bands and other imaginative merry makers. Then almost 2 million find and make themselves comfortable along the parade route to watch and cheer on those participating in the parade. What makes this parade different from any other: “It takes place during the evening” when all the ghosts, goblins, witches, prince and princesses or whatever are just having a great time.

If you happen to be in New York during this period, here are some wonderful hotels you may want to consider.

The Holiday Inn So Ho – 138 Lafayette Street, this hotel has been recently renovated and has 227 rooms with spacious and open room.

“W” New York Union Square – 201 Park Avenue South, this hotel is right across the street from Union Square Park which hosts a myriad of activities, especially during the weekend, when the farmers market is open. The Hotel is dog friendly, the rooms are excellent sizes and their lobby is a gathering spot to “meet your friends or meet new friends” to relax and have a drink. This is just a few blocks East of the Parade route.

The Hotel Gansevoort – 18 Ninth Avenue (at 13th Street). This is one of the many hotel properties that are members of Virtuoso. The property, located in the “Meatpacking” section of Greenwich Village is an Ultra-Modern Designed Hotel with many of the rooms over-looking the Hudson River. The rooms are elegantly decorated, spacious and this Hotel is fortunate to be located in such an area that most of the rooms can enjoy full natural light. One of the most delightful attractions is their rooftop-covered swimming pool. They also have a wonderful dinning room, but within the area of the city, there are many restaurants and boutiques to go and choose from.

The last Hotel I would like to suggest is another recently renovated Hotel: The Chelsea Hotel – West 23rd Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues. In 1905 the building was converted into a Hotel and has hosted quests generally in the Artistic and Creative Industry. The “Who’s Who” of past and now current residents remain all part of it’s continue history. The rooms are all decorated in their own unique form, just as we are all-different and have our own unique qualities such are the room décor within this Hotel.

If you plan on participating as a ghost in this Grand Evening festival, just remember you when you return to your room, let your imagine run away with you and just wonder “what would these wall say if they could talk, you could be hearing the voices of: Dylan Thomas, Eugene O’Neil, Thomas Wolfe, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin. If you do hear these voices please know, I am sure everyone would be thrilled.

New Yorkers love to eat, as I was told once that New Yorkers work hard and play hard. But as I said NYC is a diverse City, which translates to an extreme diverse choice of restaurants. I will name only a few of the restaurants that I love within the area:

GOTHAM BAR & GRILL 12 EAST 12th STREET, reservation are generally a good idea, I thought I died and went to heaven after having dinner there.

Union Square Cafe 21 East 16th Street, reservation are also a good idea, the food is wonderful, but it tends to get a bit noisy, so as much I enjoy it, is a bit too noisy for me.

The Homestead Steakhouse located at 56 9th Avenue, and not far from the Hotel Gansevoort. This is also one of the oldest Steakhouses in NYC dating back several hundred years. This is one of two of my favorite Steak Restaurants in NYC.  If you like beef, you’ll love this restaurant. If you want to start an argument with a New Yorker, ask them about their favorite steak house or for that matter, their favorite pizza place. Reservations are a good thing to have. One last suggestion, if you order the porter house steak, and you are a “light eater” trust me the serving is enough for two persons.

The Cafeteria Restaurant located at 119 7th Ave, is open 24 hours per day, the food is good, and priced reasonably. The crowd is generally referred “On the Trendy side”, but you get a good meal for a good price.

My last suggestion for dinner reservations is a restaurant called “Lips” The Ultimate in Drag dinning. This restaurant is located on 2 Bank Street in the Village and reservations are again suggested. What can I say, about this restaurant, just that I find it “fabulous”. The food is good, but not particularly gourmet. But the service, the atmosphere and the joy of having a good meal along with having a great time makes for a wonderful and delightful experience.

Within the parade area, are “different sections”, each with their own personality and yet so easy to explore the rest of the city from this particular area.

I wish everyone, of all ages the most wonderful Halloween, and a safe and happy event.

Along the way I will be writing more information about New York City. If you feel you would like to ask any questions please feel free to send me your questions.



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