Do I really need to purchase Trip Insurance?

When I am planning a trip for either myself, my partner, a family member, friend and or client, I always bring up this issue.

I have noticed that there are a growing number of articles and news reports about this trip insurance.  I can’t recall one article that advised not to consider taking out some form of trip insurance. It is extremely important to understand the various products that are being offered.

Many established Land Tour Operators and Cruise Lines offer some form of travel insurance, and each one is slightly different. I am not a insurance broker, but as a Travel Agent, it a sector within the industry I must be aware of.

Yesterday, I posted the basic information that the tour operator “Travel Impressions” offers. Of all the many insurance programs that are offered, this particular program is unique. Should you purchase a Travel Impressions travel product AND their Trip Insurance you can cancel the trip for any reason before the scheduled departure date and still receive a full refund, less the cost of the trip insurance.   Their trip insurance includes medical coverage but the coverage is relatively small.

Therefore I suggest that you supplement the insurance with additional coverage from another firm that we use, Travel Guard. The cost of a particular travel insurance policy depends upon the non-refundable costs of your trip plus your age.

Below you will find the differences in the kinds of coverage available.  Notice that for medical coverage, and other possible out of pocket expenses, Travel Guard does offer higher coverage. Only you the consumer can determine how much you are willing to cover any additional possible costs.

The question you must ask yourself, and you can also do your own research, is this worth it to you. What should happen if “something happens?”.


All coverages are per person.

Maximum limit
Trip Cancellation Trip Cost*
Trip Interruption 125% Trip Cost*
Trip Interruption–Return Air Only $1,000**
Trip Delay (Maximum of $100 per day) .$500
Missed Connection .$250
Baggage & Personal Effects Loss $750
Baggage Delay $200
Medical Expense $20,000
Emergency Medical Transportation .$100,000
The following non-insurance services are provided by Travel Guard Assist:
Travel Guard Included
LiveTravel Assistance .Included
Concierge Services Included
Optional Coverages
Car Rental Collision Coverage $35,000
Additional Optional Coverages
Umbrella Package Includes:
Medical Coverage Additional $20,000
Emergency Medical Transportation Additional $100,000
Primary Medical Coverage Included
Enhanced Emergency Medical
Transportation Coverage Included
Detailed Pre-Trip travel advisories Included
*Coverage only included if the required premium has been paid.
**Applies if $0 Trip Cost option was selected at time of purchase.

If insurance is purchased within 15 days of the “initial Trip payment”:

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waived

This is applicable to all coverages contained in the policy. The Insured must be medically able to travel when he/she pays his/her premium. In the event that a claim is filed, the Injury or illness must be substantiated to our Claims Department.

Coverage for Financial Default

The Financial Default must occur more than 14 days after your effective date of coverage.


The Insurer will not pay for loss or expense incurred as the result of Injury, Sickness or other condition of the Insured, a Traveling Companion, or an Immediate Family Member of the Insured or Traveling Companion, which, within the 180 day period before the Insured’s coverage began: (a) first manifested itself, worsened, became acute, or had symptoms which would have prompted a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment; (b) required taking prescribed drugs or medicine, unless the condition for which the prescribed drug or medicine is taken remains controlled without any change in the required prescription; or (c) required treatment by a Physician or treatment had been recommended by a Physician. The Insurer will waive this exclusion if the Insured meets the following conditions:

  1. The Insured purchases the plan within 15 days of making his/her “initial Trip payment”;
  2. The amount of Trip Cancellation coverage purchased must equal the full cost of all pre-paid non-refundable Trip arrangements;
  3. The Insured must be medically able to travel when he/she pays his/her premium.
  4. Applies to the first $25,000 of Trip Cost per person.

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer, as best I can, your questions. If I cannot “on the spot” answer your question, I will find the answer and get back to you as soon as possible.

Click here to view the entire explanation of coverages with  Travel Guard through Rich Worldwide Travel Advantage.




Travel Impressions Hot Land & Air Promotions

Click the image below to see some of the Hot Land & Air Promotions currently being offered by Travel Impressions.

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If you see something that interests you, click on over to our Booking Engine.




Travel Impressions Cancel For Any Reason Travel Protection Plan

Travel Impressions’ Cancel For Any Reason Travel Protection Plan means exactly what it says. No hassles, no worries – a plan that we believe is the best in the industry. And now children can be covered at a lower price! Unlike other travel protection plans that provide reimbursement only for cancellations due to medical reasons, the Travel Impressions Plan provides your enrolled clients with a full refund in the event they need to cancel their trip for any reason right up to the departure time of the flight. The complete package is covered, including airfare regardless of ticketing penalties or airline regulations, if canceled prior to departure.

The Cancel For Any Reason Travel Protection Plan includes:

Section I – Cancel For Any Reason Waiver*

Cancel For Any Reason Waiver: Reimburses you for any cancellation penalties incurred if you cancel your trip FOR ANY REASON prior to your originally scheduled flight departure time. Travel Impressions will refund your money in full, with the exception of the cost of the plan

Section II – Travel Protection Plan**

Trip Interruption: Up to total trip cost: Reimburses the unused, non-refundable portion of your land/sea arrangement plus the cost of additional airfare or change fees to original airfare to return home or catch up to your trip should you need to interrupt your trip due to an illness, injury or death to yourself, a traveling companion or covered family member.

Medical Expenses: Up to $5,000: Reimburses you for doctor and hospital charges should you become ill or injured during your trip.

Baggage/Personal Effects: Up to $800: Reimburses you should your baggage or personal effects become lost, stolen or damaged while traveling.

Bag Delay: Up to $100: Reimburses you for the purchase of necessary personal items should your bags be delayed by the airline for more than 24 hours during your trip

How much does the Cancel For Any Reason Travel Protection Plan cost?***

Published vs. Bulk Air Protection Waiver

Effective Friday, June 29, ‘Cancel For Any Reason Travel Protection Plan’ pricing has changed. There is now separate pricing for published air vs. bulk air & land-only itineraries. On bookings with published air, the price has increased. The child rate remains the same — $45 across the board. The following holiday dates have increased by $30: 12/21/08-1/3/09, 2/14-2/22/09, 4/11-4/19/09 and 12/23/09-1/3/2010.

If Total Booking Cost Per Adult is Then Plan Cost Per Adult for Bulk & Land-Only is: Then Plan Cost Per Adult for Published Air is: And Plan Cost Per Child (Bulk or Published) is:

All Destinations except Europe/ Eastern Mediterranean

less than $999.99 $89.00 $89.00 $45.00
$1000 – $1499.99 $99.00 $114,00 $45.00
$1500 and higher $109.00 $129.00 $45.00

Europe/Eastern Mediterranean Destinations:

less than $999.99 $109.00 $109.00 $45.00
$1000 and higher $129.00 $139.00 $45.00

To enroll in the Plan, simply pay the Plan cost included on your travel invoice at the time you make your trip deposit. For additional information or to answer any questions concerning the Plan, please contact your travel agent.

* Section I Cancel For Any Reason Waiver provided by Travel Impressions.

** Section II Travel Protection Plan insurance is underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA, a Pennsylvania Insurance Company (NAIC #19445), under Policy Number 9500360, with its principal place of business at 70 Pine Street, New York, NY 10270, currently authorized to transact business in all states and the District of Columbia. This is a brief description of the insurance benefits provided. Other limitations and exclusions apply. For complete terms, conditions and exclusions, please review the Plan Description pamphlet.

*** Please note that in certain states residents are not required to purchase the Travel Protection Plan insurance outlined in the Plan in order to purchase the Cancel For Any Reason Waiver. Please contact 1-877-538-3815 for details or refer to the Plan Description pamphlet for additional information.




One Day Royal Caribbean Sales Event for Tuesday February 24, 2009

This Sales Event is a one-day only event. These prices are valid only for NEW bookings made on Tuesday February 24, 2009.

This offer has expired

* Click on the Royal Caribbean International logo below to see their current cruise offers.






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* We would like to thank Royal Caribbean for giving us permission to post this recipe from their Savor RCCL International Cookbook



CRYSTAL CRUISES Special Promotion with Onboard Credits

Crystal Cruises has just announced a HUGE new promotion for Europe this summer!  Please contact me if you have any questions about this offer!

This offer IS combinable with other promotions such as our European Celebration Fares, Crystal Society Savings, Share the Experience, Onboard Booking Savings and Groups!

Crystal Cruises Offers More Value!

All Inclusive – As You Wish!

Onboard Credits to use for ANY Crystal Adventure Shore Excursion, ANY Spa Treatment, ANY Wine, ANY Cocktail, ANY Onboard Boutique Purchase, ANY Gratuities, ANY Vintage Room Experience and ANYTHING else onboard except Casino Gaming!

Offer is combinable with 15 year Celebration fares shown in blue above and Group Amenities.  Only applies to first two full fare guests in stateroom or suite.  Onboard Credit is not redeemable for cash.  Onboard credit cannot be used in the Casino.   Capacity controlled.  Offer may be withdrawn at any time.  Offer expires 3/31/09, is capacity controlled and may be withdrawn at anytime. Only applies to first two guests in stateroom or suite. Fares listed above are inclusive of category E on Crystal Symphony and category C on Crystal Serenity savings as follows: for voyages 9215, 9217, 9219, 9221, 9312C, 9317, 9318, 9321-9324 guests can save up to $1,500 per person in categories CP, PS & PH, $1,000 per person in categories AA, A & B, and $750 per person in C, D & E; for voyages 9218, 9310, 9320, 9325 guests can save up to $750 per person in categories CP, PS & PH, $500 per person in categories AA, A & B, and $375 per person in categories C, D & E.  Ships’ Registry: The Bahamas

For more information on any of these outstanding offers please contact me at

(914) 835 – 7600 Ext 226


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February’s Travel ASAP Newsletter brought to you by Virtuoso and its Partners.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day, and reflected upon this past President;s Day Holiday.

I recently discovered a wonderful web site and I thought that you might spend some time reviewing it. Afterward venture on your own to explore more about the history of the United States: presidents of the United States and our neighbor to the North, Canada.

We’re on the verge of another change of seasons is upon us, some people may be unhappy with the passing of Winter yet speaking for myself I am thrilled Spring is actually right around the corner.

I am honored to work as a Travel Agent with Virtuoso and I am pleased to suggest a partial glimpse of the many adventures and costs savings information onto you to review.

As you will see in these selected programs the product ranges goes from Skiing in Aspen Colorado slopes to the Beaches of Florida and to the Cruises of Alaska, from Golf to NASCAR.

This will be part of a series:  Europe, South America and Mexico, Asia and the Caribbean will also posted this week.

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