101 Things To Do On Valentines Day

Okay, I fully admit it, I am a “soft touch” when it comes to romance, and the thrill of falling in love, be it animal, not so much vegetables, and some minerals. I thought it would be a fun project for me to “think and research” 101 Things To Do On Valentines Day.

Over the last several years I have enjoyed many historical books regarding the History of Ancient Rome. I recommend the series that really should be read in their proper order written by Mr. Steven Saylor, starting with his 12 volumes of the “ROMA SUB ROMA”. Another great author is Ms. Colleen Mc Cullough with her two-part historical novel “The First Man in Rome”

I was totally delighted to learn that it is generally rumored: That Valentine may have existed during the Roman Empire, under the Roman Emperor Claudius II. The rumor states that Valentine was a priest and performed marriages to the members of the Roman Army, which was not permitted at the time. Claudius found out about this renegade Priest and ordered him to be executed. On the evening before Valentine was to be executed, he wrote the first “Valentine” himself, addressed to a young lady believed to his beloved. She may have been the jailer’s daughter whom he had befriended or healed or both. It was a note that read “From your Valentine.”

As we all are aware, there are many forms and avenues that “LOVE” and relationships travel on. In addition to my love of reading there are a few of movies about Love that I would like to share with you on this Magical Day.

The final scene of Wuthering Heights (released April 7, 1939). Directed by William Wyler, Staring: Sir Laurence Olivier, Merle Oberon, David Niven, and Geraldine Fitzgerald. Originally written by Emily Brontë and published in 1856.

The Red Shoes: Released in 1948, based upon the fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. Staring: Moira Shearer, Marius Goring, and Anton Walbrook

The final scene Now Voyager (released October 22, 1942), Directed by Irving Rapper
Staring: Bette Davis, Paul Henreid, and Claude Rains

Now for the list of 101 Things To Do On Valentines Day

1 Start the day off by do something that you love to do just for yourself.
2 Think of one special moment when your wife, husband, partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend, laughed together, write it down on a note or card. Then hide the card and let the person eventually find it.
3 If possible send an anonymous card to a friend(s) with a dollar bill enclosed, along with a note of thanks and I am thinking of you.
4 Send anonymous packages of seeds to friend(s) that like to garden with a note saying “May these seeds bare fruit and grow, I am always thankful to you”.
5 Plan a picnic and take a scenic train ride for a day. Relax and enjoy the scenery together. Let someone else do the driving.
6 As a couple, choose 4 to 5 of your favorite meals and snack all day long. Order “Take Out” or have them delivered.
7 Prepare the your favorite dishes yourselves and maybe “experiment with a new dish”.
8 If you choose number 7, then one person cooks and the other person cleans up.
9 Play a romantic dance song, or salsa, the tango and dance together.
10 Have a backwards dinner (start with dessert, then a main course, then salad, then soup, and finish with an appetizer).
11 If you have an indoor pet companion, prepare a special meal for the both of you, or all of you.
12 If you are not in a relationship, invite some friends over for a get together.
13 Take a walk outside and take photographs of things that make you smile.
14 Submit your favorite photographs to a contest.
15 Buy a set of matching silk pajamas, and take turns modeling them for each other.
16 Design an exercise program with your partner.
17 If you are single with a pet, share the day with your baby. If your baby is a dog spend sometime outside and take some pictures.
18 Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant and enjoy a wonderful relaxing meal together.
19 If you enjoy spas, make a reservation for a couples’ spa treatment package.
20 Print this page out and cut each suggestion out, then fold the pieces of paper. Afterwards put them in a jar and pick one or several of these suggestions and enjoy yourselves.
21 Think about a possible mini-vacation or a real vacation that you both would like to experience. Start to make plans.
22 Invent your own Holiday.
23 One of my favorites, Raise Awareness of Organ donation. (I admit that this one is personal).
24 Enter A Poetry contest.
25 Tell your mate how much you care about them: Verbalize your thoughts.
26 Pick a spot in your house or apartment and spend “no more” than one hour cleaning or organizing the space.
27 Plan a Hot Air Balloon Trip, naturally with a picnic included.
28 If possible turn off all forms of communications with the outside world and spend time with each other.
29 Invent your own code words, learn gibberish.
30 Do something adventurous like Bungee Jumping. A friend of mine just did it and all I can say is “What a Lass”.
31 Give more compliments towards others and save the special ones for your mate only!!!!
32 Donate old books to your local library, Senior Center, Hospital or a local organization of your choice.
33 If you plan on exchanging flowers, be sure to save one or several of the flowers. Afterward press and dry them and find a simple picture frame. Then arrange the flowers within the frame for future memories of this special day.
34 Do something together that is totally uncharacteristic of you. Write down “5 crazy things you always wanted to do” separate them, and put them in a jar and let your partner choose the “crazy thing”, and then go do it.
35 Prepare a gift basket of toys, food, whatever and donate it to an organization you both like and support.
36 If you live in a large major city, spend an afternoon just riding on the bus system, and be a tourist. Let the bus or buses show you areas of the city you generally never go to.
37 Begin to write novel together.
38 Spend time, holding hands, hugging, and showing each other your affections.
39 If you have a fireplace, use it. Enjoy your snacks, your favorite meals and listen to your favorite music.
40 Always remember to say: Please, Thank you, May I, and Do you mind if.
41 While you and your mate are outside, smile and say Hello to someone.
42 Take a class together in whatever interests you both.
43 Within logical reason, change your normal hair cut and style
44 Go drive to the nearest airport, with some snacks a watch the airplanes land and take off, try to get a good seat.
45 Create your own coupon book and make your own coupons to be used for future use. The Coupons could include such things as visiting a museum, a night at the theater, a concert, a walk in the park, a trip to a botanical garden, a trip to the zoo. The Coupon booklet should contain things that you both enjoy doing.
46 If you plan an at home meal make it a costume party.
47 Bake a homemade Angel food cake.
48 If you live in an apartment building have races up and down the elevators and whoever wins receives the prize the two of you have chosen.
49 Spend it with your grandchildren baking heart shaped cookies (They appreciate you more than your husband/significant other anyway!)
50 Submit an application to be a contestant one of your favorite TV Game Shows.
51 Get every candle in the house, put them in the bathroom, light them, and take a bubble bath together
52 Put own your own play: Choose a play that you, your mate and family can produce your own Theater Show.
53 Take a walk on the beach, and if you live in Northeast afterwards go to a bar and drink several Irish coffees or brandy’s to warm up (in probably more ways than one). Make sure there is a designated driver, for this is a good day.
54 You can never go wrong with jewelry — heart shaped earrings (this is thinking out of the box, as most go for heart shaped necklaces and bracelets)
55 Take her/him to the place you first met — give her/him chocolates and reminisce while eating them together.
56 Buy two cheap canvases and do finger painting, design a picture for one another or uach other as the canvas.
57 Create your own Chili or Hot Sauce Recipe.
58 Purchase a set of bed sheets with a high thread count for special occasions.
59 If you have children, spend part of the day singing their and your favorite songs. Then explore other forms of music.
60 Join “Relay for Life” and start your own group.
61 Have “Silly String” adventure.
62 Go dancing down by the riverfront, lake, or ocean with as small radio and dance until the sun goes down.
63 Go to your local party store and rent a helium tank good for around 75 balloons. Buy at least 8 dozen balloons. Go home and blow them up in the bedroom. Don’t forget to leave at least 2-3 dozen (without helium) for the floor and bed. Set up some candles and fresh flowers for the room. Then get your favorite board game and set it up on the bed. And cut up some fresh fruit to snack on. Afterward pop some balloons.
64 Surprise your partner with massage oils. Let him/her pick a favorite scented oil, which you can find at a health food store or some drug stores. Warm the oil by rubbing a small amount between your hands. Start with the forehead, scalp, neck and shoulders, gently rubbing to relax, without rubbing too hard. Then work your way down each arm until you reach the hands. Massage between each finger. Repeat with his/her feet and toes.
65 Paint each others toe nails is some fun or bizarre fashion. It will become you own private secret until you both take it off.
66 Go to a Karaoke Bar and both perform “Fever” originally sung by Peggy Lee.
67 Have a sleepover and pajama party with your friends.
68 Build a birdhouse or several to welcome them back from their migrations. Yes please place them in your yard before they begin to return.
69 Check into becoming “Extra’s” for a film or commercial.
70 Check your Passports, and renew it if necessary.
71 Take a fruit plate to elderly people in your neighborhood. Explain that you’d like to share some food and fun with them. Share some humorous stories, then offer to play a game, if time permits. Ask them to share the story of how they met, and their favorite date.
72 Rent classics or musicals then invite other couples over to watch and sing along with you.
73 If you have children and enjoy paper craft projects while the meal is cooking, start a paper origami theme event.
74 If there is a particular piece of political legislation that concerns you, make your voices heard.
75 Walk though your local bookstore and find that next reading adventure.
76 Become more Eco-friendly, use a canvas bag when shopping, learn how you can become more green friendly.
77 If the weather permits make your own kites and enjoy watching them sore through the air.
78 Design your own secret garden, even something as small and simple as an indoor terrarium.
79 Study and learn about herbs, and alternative homeopathic therapies.
80 Organize a “kidnap a couple or friend” and spend a portion of the day with them.
81 Enjoy yourselves to the point of laughing so hard your stomach tightens up and you are both crying.
82 Join a bone marrow donor program.
83 Play Poker or learn how to play poker and see who has the best Poker face.
84 Watch the sunrise or sunset together.
85 Make a list of people you have lost touch with, and seek them out to renew friendships.
86 Learn how to play music with spoons or whatever instrument you desire.
87 Start a chain letter or on line story and have everyone build upon the story. Of course using the email route.
88 If you have started a project that has stalled, return to it, if it still interests you, then complete it together
89 Dedicate a song to him or her on their favorite radio station.
90 Plan and prepare an area to have a food fight. Why not bring back some childhood fun.(Try not to make a total mess, because you are going to have to clean it up)
91 Make your own yogurt, (I prefer using goats milk)
92 Make your own list of goals that you would like to achieve. List them to degrees within your comfort. Share this list with your mate, and together the two of you can assist each other towards these goals.
93 Make an appointment for the two of you to get a professional photograph taken together of yourselves or your family.
94 Take out a map of a particular area of the world and turn it into a dartboard. Throw a few darts and then make plans to go to a few of those areas.
95 Make an appointment to donate blood for the nations blood supplies.
96 Start a annual family tradition.
97 Become involved in a local neighborhood program.
98 Start an Advice or Suggestion blog
99 Wear those old clothes of yours that you have not worn in years and turn it into a costume, for the day.
100 Lean how to play a song with drinking glasses using various levels of water and your fingertips.
101 Make a time capsule and keep adding something each year and put it in a sealed envelop; then in about 5 or 10 years open the envelops and go back down memory lane.





5 Responses

  1. I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

    • That you very much for the kind comment.
      This is a work in progress, and should you have any suggestions, please feel free to advise me.

      I am not a poker player but I do love to play double 12 dominoes.

      My best to you,

  2. These are great Arthur! What fun!

  3. Awesome post! A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone. ~Henry David Thoreau

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