Will there be an impact regarding the Anti-Gay California Supreme Court Ruling on the State Economy?

As soon as I heard of the California Supreme Court ruling, so many of my favorite California songs, singers, and song writers flashed in my mind, and then they sunk deep into my gut or certainly put a cold dagger in my heart. This final court ruling regarding the issue of Same Sex Marriage is just as my grandmother would say: “Re-gusting”. My partner and I had our first “non-legal ceremony” in her backyard, in Connecticut.

I noticed in one of the many news articles in the comment area, that a reader “certainly would not spend his Gay Dollar in that State”. Also recently in other posted articles within various news outlets along with http://www.365gay.com/ with the headline “Study: Gay marriage cash cow for Mass”: the link to the story http://www.365gay.com/news/study-gay-marriage-cash-cow-for-mass/

As a Travel Agent, and a person that has traveled for most of my life, the idea of denying myself to travel to a destination because of the areas politics, or concerns of my sexual orientation has never stopped me. In several countries, which are not tolerant, certainly in my experience, I have returned with found memories and wonderful experiences. I guess I am one of those travelers that follow the code “When in Rome do as the Romans do”

Yet, in this California situation, I would have to side with the gentleman that mentioned he would not spend his “Gay Dollar” in that State. For the moment, the Northeast Coast of this country, along with Iowa, have placed into their State Laws the Right of Same Sex Marriage.  There is so much to do and explore is this region of the country.  I would only for the time being “delay that trip to California” and explore those States that are welcoming to the community.

Earlier, I posted a series of articles about traveling the New England States. The area is full of wonderful sites, culture, natural beauty, history I would weigh my choices.

A full boycott from our community from vacationing or doing business in the State of California, I believe would be foolish. I believe we would only be hurting our friends and supporters who live in the state. But a noticeable decrease in Tourism or Convention dollars might change the minds of the voters in the State.  If you happen to be in a position of control or influence for an upcoming social or corporate event that COULD be held on California, try to change the location to a state that has recognized Same Sex as an Equal Right. Now would be a good time to start exploring other locations and re-arranging your plans. After the event you might consider sending copy of the invoice and a letter expressing your displeasure on the results of the vote and Court decision on Prop 8.
California’s 30th Secretary of State
California Secretary of State
1500 11th Street
Sacramento, California 95814

If we are in a period of history when history is repeating itself, then instead of “Going to the Golden West” return to the Eastern Sunrise areas.

“The history of any public character involves not only the facts about him but what the public has taken to be facts.”

– J. Frank Dobie





6 Responses

  1. Yes. Expect it.

    I’m not LGBT myself, but my moms are. Why would I spend a single penny in a state that thinks my moms are undeserving of equal protection as guaranteed by the 14th Amendment? Prop 8 is unconstitutional, and the state supremes are cowards to allow this.

    Seriously? California can eat poo and die as far as I’m concerned.

    Not a thin dime to CA from me…The airfare to New England is more expensive, but at least there are fewer bigots.

    • Thank you for your comment, and I am sure you are very proud of your Moms, as I am sure they are proud of you.

      I do not mean to be totally draconian, for there are many areas of this State that I love very dearly along with many friends. Yet there needs to be some kind of Unity within Our Community. If a boycott of some degree becomes obvious to the Officials and Residents of California, then this will be a path that each individual will have to decide within themselves.

      I just hope the process for a new ballot measure begins shortly and the vote will be supportive for ALL PEOPLE, and this horrible day can be forgotten.

  2. I think what makes this ruling worse than other in other states is that gay marriage was legalized in California and then of course the church had to jump in throw their weight around and reverse the law.

    I’m straight, but I wouldn’t spend my money in a state that spends more time trying to take away human rights than they do in trying to solve “real” state issues. California is a perfect example of one doing just that.

    Maybe a boycott is needed, not just on California but on all states that feel holier than thou.

    • Thank you, for your comment. I am sure the 18,000 Legal Same Sex Married persons most certainly agree with you. California now has created a multi-level society in regards to Equal Rights, brought upon them by this new court ruling.

      Where this decision and how best to both educate people that all people are Equal, will certainly become an issue. How that will best be addressed, I am really not sure. I must fall back on the expression “You can lead the horse to water, but you can not make the horse drink it”……..then again when the horse is really thirsty maybe the horse will drink. I only hope the water is safe to drink and not polluted.

      In regards to the boycott, as I mentioned I do love the State and have many friends living there, and we do not need to add any further economic problems.
      Yet on the other hand, it worked for the Independence of South Africa, and many other issues. It’s a tough one, to try and be fair and still move forward to a common goal.

      Again thank you for your comment and reading the post………

  3. Though having no understanding of what it “means” to be gay or lesbian I do believe in civil rights. More so, I am proud of the fact that the citizens of CT, MA, and VT, which most people west of Mississippi think are cold, conservative, and inflexable, stepped up to the plate and said that the world needs more love, and if that love is man to man, woman to woman, or the traditional man and woman, it’s welcome.

    That said, for all of you gay and lesbians out there reading this, the State of Connecticut has put together wedding packages and information on getting married here via our Department of Tourism. Come visit us!

    • I am sure you understand the meaning of “To be Gay and or Lesbian” because you understand the meaning of Civil Rights. I also thank you for your comment, yet I would like to add that the States of Maine and Iowa have also passed the Same Sex Marriage Laws.

      Yes Connecticut and the East Coast are wonderful places, and I am a Travel Agent, with about 25 years of working within the Travel Industry. Should any of your friends and or readers of this post are interested in Planning and arranging their Marriage Ceremonies, I have many tools within my industry to work with them for the occasion.

      Again thank you

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