I was raised in the travel industry and have traveled the globe. I joined the industry full time about 25 years ago, as a travel agent working in my family’s privately owned travel firm. Working with our clients directly, I was able to advise them with personal knowledge and experience gained from all my years of traveling. I was trained to guide the travel client with personal attention, awareness, and experience with a product or industry.

Due to the consultation within the industry I was fortunate to be invited to join one of the largest family-run travel agencies in the United States—Rich Worldwide Travel. As any traveler is aware, there are “just so many destinations you can personally explore.” Joining this firm “raised the bar” of expertise. The total amount of collected knowledge available to an agent just improves the agent/client relationship.

Rich Worldwide Travel is a member of Virtuoso Travel Association. We were recently acknowledged by Virtuoso to be recognized as one of the top-ten agencies in the “Luxury Travel field”. This is a great honor for both the travel agents and Rich Worldwide Travel as a whole.

I decided to venture into yet another form of communication, by starting this Blog. I am often asked: “Well what is your favorite destination”. I honestly can not answer this question, because as each individual has their own special qualities that are endearing, so does each destination., and travel experience.

My experiences are broad, adventurous, sometimes a bit crazy, but in total each develops into it’s own story and memory.—those that I hope have broadened my outlook and helped build the foundation of the person I am today.

It is my hope and desire to offer an eclectic Blog, with current travel information and product offers, along with an array of alternative subjects.

If there is a particular trip that you are interested in, I do hope you feel comfortable in contacting me at:
1-914-992-5577 or 1-800-431-1130 ext 5577

Or please feel free to drop me an email:, or

I thank you for spending your time, reviewing and reading this blog, and I always wish you my best,



2 Responses

  1. Nice job on this site, Arthur. I know you’ve been working hard on it and it looks like it’s coming together well. Have fun and keep travelin’!


  2. Great job, Arthur!

    It’s becoming a full-blown blog – massive number of posts already, diverse topics, interesting writing…

    … keep up the good work!


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